"Missed Out On The Last Internet Boom? Here's How To Take Advantage Of The NEXT One..."

An Open Letter To Anyone Who’s Serious About Making Money Online…

"With over a decade of experience in running online businesses, this is one of the best and most profitable opportunities we've experienced...Our advice?
Learn from our mistakes and massively profitable experience in this tell-all guide whilst you still can."

“The Domain Profit Guide is based on a proven business model with unlimited profit potential. It ticks all the right boxes, it's easy to set up, has low startup costs, and you don't have to be a computer geek to make it work - and make good money from it.”

Hard To Believe?

Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the benefits to your wealth could be enormous…

My name is Paul Gunter, and I work with Andrew Shorten. Together we run a leading U.K. based Internet consultancy company specialising in maximising online profits for our private clients and many of our own websites. As well as our consultancy company, we are regular speakers at Internet Marketing Conferences in the UK together with other leading U.K. Marketers Simon CoulsonNeil StaffordNeil Travers, Mark VurnumGary VurnumPeter Woodhead, David AndersonMichael Silk and Diane Johnson.

“Here’s me speaking at ‘The UK Entrepreneur Convention’ in London.

And I have good news for you

Believe it or not, we’ve discovered a surprisingly easy way to earn a good living from the Internet, a simple yet highly effective proven business model which requires hardly any time to set up and run, and which earns you a regular passive income both now and in the future.

And now it’s your turn to profit – and profit big – from what we know to be the best, most lucrative opportunity anywhere online

Here’s how it works
(and how YOU can make big money)

If you’re looking for a proven way to make a lot of money online with a relatively low amount of risk, then you should take a long, hard look at domain names.

You know it. I know it. And everyone else knows it. The Internet represents the fastest-growing business opportunity in the world.

And while there are probably more types of website than there are stars in the sky, there’s ONE thing that every single website, merchant or Internet business MUST have to get going.

Yes, you’ve guessed it,

Every Website MUST HAVE A Domain Name

Think about it. What one thing do you type into Google or your web browser to find a website? A domain name. That’s right. You find those websites through their domain names, and having the right name is essential for online success.

Even though domain names are the foundation of every website, it’s easy to forget just how important they are. And, like anything of value, be it gold, jewellery or property…

The value of the most sought-after domain names are going up and up and up…

You only need think of it like the property market. A great address in the best location is worth a small fortune to you (as opposed to a tin-shack next to a gasworks).

And when it comes to domain names, as with property, the key to success lies in identifying PROFITABLE names
(And what makes them so valuable to potential buyers?)

Once you have this skill, the profits you can make from buying and selling domain names can be staggering. A skill which, once mastered, will allow you:

Your Chance To Turn…
£6 into £500…
£25 into £900…
£2,000 into £80,000…

As a quick example, want to have a guess have much Social.com sold for?
How about a cool $2.6 MILLION.

OK, so maybe $2.6 million to invest in a domain name is a little steep? But even if you don’t have $2.6 million to invest in a single domain name (and let’s face it, who has?), then I have great news. There are countless domain names on sale, which you can buy at rock-bottom prices and sell on for a big profit. Domain names such as:

Try getting those kinds of profits at your local High Street Bank! These are just a few of the many examples of domain names bought and sold for huge profits, some of which are for clients and some of which we have bought and sold ourselves.

If you could buy a domain name for £6 and sell it for £1,450, how many would you get?

As you can see from the table, you don’t need millions, or even hundreds of pounds, to get started. Yes, there are a couple of domains up there which cost a few thousand, but these are to show you what’s possible if you have a bit more money to invest. Our advice would be to start small (with some of the lower-priced domains), and build up gradually, making a few hundred pounds a week by buying and selling a few domain names.

And it if you really want to go for it, and earn thousands, even tens of thousands of pounds a month, then you can do that too. The opportunities are there for the taking, in every area you can imagine.

But regardless of which approach you take, the sky’s the limit for you, what with the hundreds of millions of domain names available to buy and sell for big money. Sure, not every domain name will make you wealthy. In fact, the vast majority of them have little or no value.

But when you know what you’re looking for (and where to find it), then the kind of results you’ve seen in the table above aren’t just possible, they’re almost…


Now you’ve seen how much you can earn from buying and selling domain names, you’re probably wondering…

Why Are Domain Names So Profitable?

Simple really. Every business on the Internet has to have a domain name. And with over 202 million domain names already registered, the demand is growing by the second (what with tens of thousands of new websites being launched every single day).

Like I said before, domain names are the key to providing an identity and perception of value for any new business. And if you’re in the right place at the right time, providing highly sought-after domain names to companies DESPERATE to buy them, you’ll be in line to make big profits each time a business needs to launch a website.

Making money from domain names is not new, but how to do it has been kept within a small and exclusive ‘closed circle’ of experts who have made a lot of money from it.

How easy is it to find the most profitable domain names? (And when to buy and sell them?)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s hard. VERY hard. And there are plenty of blind alleys and expensive traps for the novice domainer. It’s essential to have the very best advice on how to find the most profitable deals…and the costly mistakes to avoid.

But now there’s a way to find these high-value domain names. Not only FIND them, but buy them for a low price, and SELL them for major profits.

And that’s where the Domain Profit Guide can help you.

“Here’s me in 2007 sitting on the Great Wall of China whilst my business back home is earning money 247. You could do the same.”

The Domain Profit Guide - Your Fast-Track To Financial Freedom

The Domain Profit Guide is a simple step-by-step blueprint which reveals the secrets of buying, selling and making money from domain names.

Based on our many years of experience, the Domain Profit Guide will open your eyes to the numerous investment opportunities all around you. With our expert advice and guidance, you’ll have the chance to find numerous domain name deals with high profit potential.

In fact, when you get the Domain Profit Guide you’ll soon realise how simple it is to make highly profitable deals in lots of surprisingly easy ways:

You’ll be provided with the details of online domain name specialist websites. Based on their hard work and research, you’ll discover the types of domain names which will bring you high returns with low risk.

You’ll also find recommendations for where to find the best new domain names. We’ll give you details of how to find the up and coming domains, so you can profit from them before everyone else catches on.

You’ll have access to full listings of carefully-selected highly-lucrative domains too.

And with the Domain Profit Guide, you won’t have to ‘go it alone’. You’ll also benefit from the advice of a team of experienced domain name specialists on what to buy (and sell) based on our strict investment criteria. We effectively do almost all the work for you.

In short, the Domain Profit Guide helps buying, selling and making a profit from domain names a simple process.
You simply refer to the Domain Profit Guide, and use it to help you to choose the best deal

Why NOW may be the best time in invest in domain names

With the media doom and gloom surrounding the current state of the Internet, the rise and rise of spam and email delivery problems, you could be forgiven for thinking that now is not a good time to get involved with anything online.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, this year…

The market for buying and selling domain names is set to take off…

Not only are home-based entrepreneurs catching on to the huge profit potential on offer, the ‘big boys’ of the Internet world are finally starting to sit up and take notice.

This factor alone will have the effect of heating up the domain name market.

Which gives YOU the intelligent investor a brief window of opportunity to lock in profits NOW, while the market is soft, before Domain Name prices shoot up across the board.

But let me make one thing clear. You don’t have to fork out $2.6 million (or anything like that) to get your hands on highly profitable domain names.

That’s because there are new ways and means to invest in domain names (just like you would in property), where you can buy at today’s low price low and then sell at tomorrow’s much higher, much higher, market price.

Moreover, you’ll be buying highly sought-after domain names that people will be keen to buy. Which makes this process the best way to make a lot of money online in a relatively short space of time. Yes…

The secret of successful domaining is knowing what to pay…

Did you know that a good number of the best new domain names are also on sale at the lowest prices? With a tiny initial investment, buying and selling domain names is fast becoming the most popular way to make money online. And you’ve already seen how much money you could make from the examples I showed you earlier.

We should know. We’ve run a successful domain name portfolio business since the late 90′s. A lifetime in Internet terms.

We started out knowing nothing about the domain name business, but over time (and a lot of trial and error later), we’ve individually built up our portfolio and we consistently make huge profits. Profits which are now within YOUR reach.

But Before We Tell You How To Do It, Ask Yourself This Question:

I’ve talked about the opportunity this represents, but what would make your life better, right now? A new car, a bigger house, financial freedom, or just being your own boss?

Well, this is a business that can bring you all that. We know because it has done it for us.

“My business partner, Andrew Shorten and I love to ski. Here’s us in Austria on our last trip.”

We started out knowing nothing about domain names, and built this business to allow us to work when we want to, and go on holiday when we choose to. I even took 7 months out to go and travel the world – what kind of job lets you do that?

You too have the chance to enjoy this financial and emotional freedom.

“Who would have thought a few domains would allow me to go to the other side of the world? Here’s me on Fraser Island, Australia.”

7 Reasons Why Buying and Selling Domain Names
represents a profitable investment opportunity


As a business model, domaining is probably the most simple one around. And in the Domain Profit Guide, which provides you with an A-Z blueprint on how to succeed in this amazing business, you’ll also SAVE yourself a lot of time and effort you might otherwise have wasted going up blind alleys.


Said it before and I’ll say it again. Compared to other businesses, domaining is dead easy to run. No stock. No employees. No mess. No hassles.

For less than the price of a T-Shirt, you can buy a domain name worth many thousands of dollars. IF you know where to look. Even if you have a small amount of investment capital, you can normally secure a high-quality domain name for well under $70.

This means you won’t have huge amounts of money tied up in your business.


As a domain name marketer, you also have little or no maintenance costs in the first 2-5 years of ownership, by which time you’ll most probably have secured a large profit on your investment.


Unlike other more traditional business models, where you do everything yourself (with no guarantee of making money), you don’t even have to lift a finger. All the work can be outsourced to online professionals, who make sure everything runs smoothly.


Unlike other Internet marketing methods (such as Google AdWords) your costs are limited and lower with domain name deals, as is your investment of time.

With Google AdWords, you use it to drive traffic to a website, which costs money (with NO guarantee of ANY Return On Your Investment), and needs to follow a budget (which limits growth).

But with a good domain name, you can generate regular organic traffic for the small initial investment price of registering/buying the domain name (which you have to do anyway).

You can also work from home, without spending hours on the phone or running around looking at properties that have no chance of making you any money.



And like I said before, you can even buy, sell and make money from domain names in your spare time, without leaving your current job.

But that’s not all. Here’s What ELSE You’ll Discover When You Get The Domain Profit Guide…

1. The ‘Silver Triangle’ cash-producing strategy revealed (what it is, why it works, and how it can make you money)

2. The quick, cheap and easy ways to market and develop your domaining strategy (much easier than you might think! INCLUDES: What makes a domain name valuable?

3. The secrets of successful ‘domainers’ revealed (what they do, how they do it, and how you can model your successes in your own business for quick and easy profits online).

4. How to find the biggest high-net worth domains and cash in big (easy when you know how!)

5. The quick and easy ways to use key Internet domain research tools to make you money

6. Exactly how to find FREE domain services and online tools (this will save you a small fortune…)

7. The truth about TLDs and ccTLDs (are they everything they’re cracked up to be? Find out inside on page 17)

8. Proven ways to market and develop your domains (not one in a thousand so-called ‘online gurus’ knows about this – but YOU will…)

9. How to stop wasting money going up blind Internet alleys (and what you should do instead for fun and profit)

10. What to look for when choosing a ‘hot’ domain name (and how to take this and use it to your advantage in every domain name deal you strike)

11. The three vitally-important characteristics every single ‘big company’ domain names have in common (and what it shows you about how to make even more money long term: INCLUDES: our ‘Golden List’ of top domains)

12. What makes a domain name ‘hot’ (and how to spot when it’s NOT…this will make or break your domain name business, so listen carefully…)

13. How to build a highly-lucrative ‘cash-cow’ domain portfolio – and do it FAST…

14. Where to find expired domain names for pennies on the dollar (and ensure you beat the ‘big boys’ to the punch each and every time, by landing these cash-rich domains before they can even blink…)

15. The little-known secrets of how to buy domain names from ANOTHER
domainer (think it can’t be done? You’ll think again when you see these
amazing techniques revealed)

16. How many words should you use in your domain name? (It’s the age-old question all online marketers face – and we give you the answer on pages 21-22)

17. The six main research tools you need to succeed (the best part? They’re FREE! Find out what they are on pages 24-32)

18. Want a quick shortcut to find out if your preferred domain name is taken? Then check out this free search tool on page 28

19. Found a hot domain name, but it’s already registered? Not to worry – you may still be able to get hold of it – find out how on page 29

20. An unusual but highly effective FREE way to generate more traffic to your domains (Stunning! And it’s also on page 29…)

21. The simple way to see whether or not your preferred domain will make you money (Find the free website address here on page 31

22. Advanced Domaining 101: the ‘must-have’ tool any experienced domainer should have

23. How to develop your domain portfolio for cast-iron long-term profits (do this wrong and you’re dogfood. But do it right and your success is assured – pages 33-34 – INCLUDES: my semi-famous domain marketing ‘Diamond Method’ – worth its weight in gold)

24. How to find out if your KEYWORDS are available as domain names (All is revealed on page 37)

25. How to keep up to speed with what’s happening in the world of domain names, turn it to your advantage to make a killing, and profit before anyone knows what’s hit them…

26. The best buys in domains at the moment (and where to find them – we’ll show you exactly how to get hold of them)

27. The only four companies we recommend (and USE) for domain name
registration (We wouldn’t touch the others with a bargepole! But these four
are fantastic. Find out which ones they are on page 40)

28. How to profit big from other people’s careless online mistakes (and it’s only costs $60 to do it! Page 42)

29. The almost-unheard of method for buying an expired domain name for peanuts (and make a huge profit from it. INCLUDES – tracking urls you can use to keep an eye on newly expired domains [BEFORE your competitors spot them]. Pages 43-45)

30. Possibly the very best way to obtain a domain (INCLUDES: previous examples and case studies of how to do this FAST. Pages 50-51)

31. The little-known site where you can find over seven MILLION domains for sale! (AND, it has something for everyone, and it’s FREE. Want to know what it is? Go to page 52 and all will be revealed…)

32. Want to find out whether a domain name owner is REALLY interested in selling? Then check out these two emails to send to any potential seller, and find out for sure (pages 56 and 57)

33. How to make domain names pay (INCLUDES: How to get regular revenue through Pay Per Click, how to use affiliate marketing to generate cash, and how to make a good profit on every domain name you sell – pages 61-75)

34. My legendary ‘Silver Triangle Wealth Pyramid’ (Find out how it works, and how you can earn good money from it, on pages 63-65)

35. The insider techniques which can earn you money for nothing and your domains for free (page 68)

36. The world-famous US Internet Marketer who makes $2 million a year from one strategy (and $109,000.00 every year from just ONE domain name!) Find out how you could do this too and beat the Yanks at their own game! [All on page 69]

37. The four crucial steps you must use for parking a domain name (these could make the difference between success or failure, so pay attention)

38. The commonly-made ‘bad-for-your-wealth’ mistake (which SEEMS like a good idea) you must avoid making at all costs [page 77]

39. Yet another common mistake made by people searching for specific websites (and how YOU can cash in as a result). Page 79

40. The well-known technique you can use to develop and monetise a website (What it is, how it works, and how to attract a tidal wave of web wealth by using it)

41. Your very own step-by-step guide to creating multiple streams of lifetime affiliate income [where to look, the easiest option, the EIGHT top affiliate networks, which websites use, the multiple ways now available to make money from your websites - you get it all on pages 84-88]

42. How to know what price to SELL your sites for in the open market (PLUS: my‘Common Valuation Calculation’ chart – which shows you how to do this – and INCLUDES proven ways to increase your sales success, all on pages 92-94)

43. Still struggling to sell your domain names? Not to worry! Here are three email templates you can use to ‘break the ice’ with potential buyers, and ‘close the deal’ in next to no time (AND at the best possible price!) Pages 95-97

44. My very own Domain Profits Guide Resources Centre – 5 pages and over 70 urls including domain registrars, auctioneer sites, forums, hosting providers, affiliate networks, research tools, website software for development (that’s FREE to download), and lots more besides.

45. How to make maximum money in minimum time from your domain portfolio.

46. And much, much more. All when you get the Domain Profit Guide

The Domain Profit Guide -
Your Questions Answered…


“Here’s me doing a 15,000ft skydive above Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Life is full of risks, take the jump, you will like it, and you will be surprised – it’s safe!”

In a word, YES. Why? Simple. You have no stock, premises or staff to worry about, and you have a complete step-by-step programme to get you started right away.

Because we have been in this business for a while now, we know all about the potential pitfalls and so we have built into the Domain Profit Guide all the things you need to know, and that we used to get very wrong when we first started out.

Rest assured, as we will teach everything you need to know. That’s right. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge. You can be a beginner or an experienced Internet user – you will both benefit. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. The strategies, tips and techniques you need are all laid out for you.

By reading and using what you’ll discover in the Domain Profit Guide, you’ll have the ‘need to know’ facts at your fingertips. All in a fraction of the time, and for a tiny fraction of the money you’d need to invest to do it yourself.

All you really need is a computer with an Internet connection (which you already have – after all, how are you reading this letter?), a bank account to pay the profits into, and the ability to follow these three simple instructions:

It is as simple as A, B, C:

A – Register a domain name

B – Follow your Domain Profit Guide blueprint

C – Get ready to make a profit!

That’s all there is to it…

How Much Time Will It Take Me To Get Going?

The best part about the Domain Profit Guide (apart from the money, of course), is you don’t need much time to make it work. 1-2 hours a day on a consistent basis will soon see you making rapid progress – and profits. So you don’t have to leave your job to do this. And if you want to invest more time in it, you could make even faster progress.

And you don’t even need to wait to get started in your new business – that’s why we have made the ‘Domain Profit Guide’ available as an ebook so you can immediately download it and get going fast.

Does This Really Work?

Yes it does. Not only for us, but for our many delighted clients (some of whose Testimonials you can read on the right-hand side of this letter). Maybe like you they were a bit sceptical at first, but they went ahead and tried it anyway, and were richly rewarded.

Oh yes, another thing you should know. Everything in the Domain Profit Guide has been tried and tested in the real world. This is not theory, but a proven resource put together by two people who know what they’re talking about.

In fact, we have run our successful domain name businesses since the late 90′s, so whatever is in here, including our own tips and techniques for real success, works and has been used by both of us – and our delighted clients.

How Much Money Can I Make From This?

I wouldn’t want to put a figure on your potential earnings. Why limit yourself?

Remember. Once you master the skills of buying and selling domain names, the sky’s the limit. In fact, you’re only limited by the amount of focused effort you’re willing to invest in both your skills and career.

As far as money is concerned, it’s entirely up to you how much you want to make.

You could start earning money almost as soon as you receive and apply what’s in the Domain Profit Guide. And not just one-off profits. It could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month, income you could be receiving for many years to come…

I understand this may sound too good to be true. But with a little help and advice, and given the exact knowledge you need to succeed, you too could earn good money from your domain names, in a relatively short time.

In short, everything you need to run a profitable domain name business is right here in a simple to follow format that will have you online and in profit faster than you could ever imagine.

Here’s the most important part…

How much would you expect to invest for a step-by-step blueprint which guarantees you a regular (and lifelong) internet income?

If you’ve ever tried looking for proven online systems, you know it costs a great deal in time and money. To do the research yourself would cost you a small fortune, with no guarantee of success. But by reading and using what you’ll discover in the Domain Profit Guide, you’ll have the ‘need to know’ facts at your fingertips.

Any investment you make is not without risks (it would be foolish to suggest otherwise), but compared to the rewards you could gain, the risk is minimal.

That’s why your investment to receive the Domain Profit Guide is only $47 (+VAT for UK).

Which works out at just 13 cents a day, spread over a year. Not much when you look at it that way, is it? And quite frankly, Domain Profit Guide will pay for itself many times over, making you thousands of dollars a month in extra cash, cash you wouldn’t otherwise have earned.
No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…

There are no hidden extras or sneaky little charges added on. The $47 one-off investment covers everything. In return, you’ll enjoy full access to a proven, exclusive product which provides you the chance to make good money every day.

So here’s what to do now…
Get The Domain Profit Guide TODAY

Based on our experiences in this exciting and profitable field, I know we have something very valuable to offer you. We believe in providing you with valuable information, and giving you the opportunity to take us up on a simple risk-free offer could make you hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in extra income.


When You Respond Today, You’ll Also Receive The Following FREE Bonus

BONUS GIFT : - Domain Profit Guide Updates

Like any serious opportunity, the domain name business is fast paced and constantly changing, with new and improved ways of making money being discovered all the time.

With this in mind, and as an extra ‘thank you’ for getting our guide, you’ll also receive FREE access to all new updates and future versions of the Domain Profit Guide.

This is valid FOREVER, which means a potential SAVING of hundreds of dollars, plus the opportunity to MAKE hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars of extra money from all the new and updated information we’ll send you.

Lock in FREE lifetime updates when you order today.

So How Much Would You Have To Invest For Us To Work Directly With You?

Well, we currently charge $5k a day for our time and consultancy. When you take into account our monthly retainer fees, royalties, and project management, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t get much change out of $50k.

To spend an hour with either of us on the ‘phone would be in excess of $600. But you’d have to get in line and wait at least two months before this could be scheduled. Having said that, we want you to succeed as quickly as possible, and understand you may not want to wait two months before we can help you.

You’re also fully covered by the risk-free Guarantee

Examine the Domain Profit Guide and bonuses for 8 weeks after you receive it. If you’re not 100% delighted, for any reason, simply let us know at any time, and I’ll send you a full, prompt, and unconditional refund of your money. No BS. No strings attached. No questions asked.


How Much Money Will You Earn In The Next 30 Days????

Now that you’ve read this far, you have a decision to make…

Decision number #1: Carry on with your life the same way you have to date, drifting along, struggling to make ends meet, and knowing what you’re doing to make money online is worthless…

Or Decision number #2: order the Domain Profit Guide, use the information to build a valuable and highly-profitable domain name business, and earn good money, month after month after month.

Needless to say, success can not be guaranteed. That’s ultimately down to you, of course. But what we CAN guarantee with 100% certainly is when you get the Domain Profit Guide, you’ll enjoy a massive competitive and financial advantage over everyone else struggling with traditional online marketing tools.

All this in a simple-to-use format anyone of average intelligence can use and make money from.

Isn’t It About Time You Stopped Playing ‘Russian Roulette’ With Your Online Business…And Started WINNING?

We’ve proved to you that making money by using what you’ll discover in the Domain Profit Guide is possible, with only a small investment – the numbers speak for themselves.

I’ve nearly finished, so I’ll leave you with this thought:

This is your chance to earn regular money from what is a simple process. If you’re really serious about making the next few months and years your most profitable ever – then you must get hold of the Domain Profit Guide right now, today, while you’re still reading this letter.

Remember. You’ve nothing to lose. You’re covered by a money-back guarantee. And think of all the extra cash you could make…

So make sure you get the Domain Profit Guide today, and start to enjoy the success you deserve, just like my clients. I guarantee you’ll be delighted you did.

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Of The Domain Profit Guide Today

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“...I'm impressed with your professional knowledge...”

"Until I read the Domain Profit Guide I was spending money every year on Google Adwords PPC traffic for some of my websites. What you reveal in your 'Tell All Bible' has reduced this cost. I acquired a great domain using your instructions and have lots of targeted traffic now - And best of all I don't have to keep paying for it! I'm impressed with your professional knowledge and all of the little known resources that you reveal within your guide. I should have been doing this years ago! I thoroughly recommend your Domain Profit Guide."

Nick James

“...I realised that I could make money from my unused domain names. And I did as soon as I followed the simple steps...”

"Over the last few years of being involved with the Internet I have acquired a fair number of domain names and a fair number have just sat around doing nothing. After seeing Paul and Andy speak at the Entrepreneur Weekend Conference I realised that I could make money from my unused domain names. And I did as soon as I followed the simple steps laid out in the Domain Profit Guide."

Simon Coulson

“...I highly recommend your Domain Profit Guide...”

“This really is an ‘open up and bare all’ Domaining Guide. I have been able to apply some of the methods inside to instantly improve my business. I had plenty of dormant domain names and now they are generating revenue thanks to one tip you reveal. If anyone asks me about domain names I now highly recommend your Domain Profit Guide.

What a great resource!”

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